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Digit's Fast Track to Photoshop

Even with Photoshop's simple interface, most people shy away from it just because they don't know what to do with it and most folks think Photoshop is too complex, We've got news - it's not.

Welcome to Digit's guided tour of everything Photoshop.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit - Ralph Kimball pdf free

The latest edition of the single most authoritative guide on dimensional modeling for data warehousing! Dimensional modeling has become the most widely accepted approach for data warehouse design. Here is a complete library of dimensional modeling techniques–– the most comprehensive collection ever written. Greatly expanded to cover both basic and advanced techniques for optimizing data warehouse design, this second edition to Ralph Kimball′s classic guide is more than sixty percent updated. The authors begin with fundamental design recommendations and gradually progress step–by–step through increasingly complex scenarios. Clear–cut guidelines for designing dimensional models are illustrated using real–world data warehouse case studies drawn from a variety of business application areas and industries, including:

∗ Retail sales and e–commerce ∗ Inventory management ∗ Procurement ∗ Order management ∗ Customer relationship management (CRM) ∗ Human resources management ∗ Accounting ∗ Financial services ∗ Telecommunications and utilities ∗ Education ∗ Transportation ∗ Health care and insurance .